Monday, August 23, 2010

September 2010 banlist

 Rescue Cat- Well I thought large Trap Hole meant this card would stay, but it really is better of banned, this card with x-sabers is just broke.

Substitoad- Good call over being at one, the FTK can't be done anymore

Brain Control- Finally, Brain control has been turning to many games by itself

Heavy Storm- Im quite suprised but I figured it would happen sooner or later. Now we will have more people set 3-5 and end.

 Black Whirlwind- This card generates so much advantage I can see why it is at one.

Dark Hole- Hmhm this one is quite interesting the card is quite powerful but the last time it was banned there was no stardust or starlight road.

Infernity Launcher- otks so yea it makes sense to limit this.

Monster Reborn- I belive this card is quite to powerful being how fast it is compared to call and how it can get it from anyones graveyard. Should have stayed banned but not the end of the world with it comming back.

Royal Oppression- The card is rather overpowered regerdless where its played. Its annoying to either vs anti-meta without your special summons or meta that techs this card and only lets themselves special summon before you do.

Chaos Sorcerer- Chaos sorcerer has been going around the banlist so much, at 2 it is quite powerful but I don't see any decks abusing it to much this format.

Dewloren, Tiger King of the Ice Barrier- To match ocg list

Magic Cylinder- Ok

Mystical Space Typhoon- Fine, card at 3 might be annoying tho so 2 seems liek a good number.

Ojama Trio- Ok, I wasn't even aware this was limited but it hasn't done much at one so we can try two.

Snipe Hunter- could be at 3

No Longer Limited
Cyber Dragon- Hmhm Should have been left at two. This card gives machines trouble because of Chimertech Fortress Dragon. It is also a free 2100 beater that can possibly give cybertwin, overdragon otk a chance.

Goblin Zombie- fine seeing as x-saber Darksoul is at 3 and arguably better.

Treeborn Frog- Doesn't really matter to much, you can only bring it out once per turn anyways.

Black Rose Dragon- hmhm difference between two and three isn' too great, I can't see people bringing it out 3 times in one duel. Still quite to powerful to be above one.
United We Stand- Fine

Royal Decree- Hmhm mixed on this one since cards that shut down a third of your deck are annoying and this with perfect herald is annoying.

Overall the banlist is good, better format now than last format. X-sabers,Herald,GB's,Quickdraw should all be tough contenders for this format.


Friday, August 13, 2010

September 1st banlist predictions

I know its been a while I have been busy with other things in my summer and I will soon begin updating more frequently.

So here comes my Banlist Predictions:

Cold Wave- Really has been a issue ever since we have had cards that can pop like 2 or more cards.

Ronintoadin- This card really should just go, it gave frogs to much power.

X-saber Faultroll-A 2400 beater that you can special summon for free thats plus one every turn? yea...

Infernity Launcher- OTK enabler

Royal Oppression- this card is to good of an anti-meta card and its also to good when you take a meta deck, summon everything and then have this facedown.

Magician of Faith- Should come of the list, it is kind of slow being flip effect and most broken spells are banned.

Machina Gearframe- Plus one 1800 beater is pretty dam good.

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner- Give Lightsworn a bit power back because they haven't really done much.

Destiny Draw- Could be at 3 but I doubt it for now.

Burial From a Different Dimension- With mezuki at one, it could  be at 3.

Plaguespreader Zombie- its good, but you do have to minus yourself one card and Mezuki is still at one..

Scapegoat- could happen

Swords of revealing light-could happen

Snipe Hunter-could happen

Goblin Zombie- if Darksoul is gonna run around at 3 this can too and Darksoul will since it is tcg exclusive.

United We stand- could happen

So yea this is what I predict/think the banlist should be like. The ones I put as could happen means it could since the card won't make a difference as far as i know.