Friday, August 13, 2010

September 1st banlist predictions

I know its been a while I have been busy with other things in my summer and I will soon begin updating more frequently.

So here comes my Banlist Predictions:

Cold Wave- Really has been a issue ever since we have had cards that can pop like 2 or more cards.

Ronintoadin- This card really should just go, it gave frogs to much power.

X-saber Faultroll-A 2400 beater that you can special summon for free thats plus one every turn? yea...

Infernity Launcher- OTK enabler

Royal Oppression- this card is to good of an anti-meta card and its also to good when you take a meta deck, summon everything and then have this facedown.

Magician of Faith- Should come of the list, it is kind of slow being flip effect and most broken spells are banned.

Machina Gearframe- Plus one 1800 beater is pretty dam good.

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner- Give Lightsworn a bit power back because they haven't really done much.

Destiny Draw- Could be at 3 but I doubt it for now.

Burial From a Different Dimension- With mezuki at one, it could  be at 3.

Plaguespreader Zombie- its good, but you do have to minus yourself one card and Mezuki is still at one..

Scapegoat- could happen

Swords of revealing light-could happen

Snipe Hunter-could happen

Goblin Zombie- if Darksoul is gonna run around at 3 this can too and Darksoul will since it is tcg exclusive.

United We stand- could happen

So yea this is what I predict/think the banlist should be like. The ones I put as could happen means it could since the card won't make a difference as far as i know.


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