Wednesday, February 23, 2011

March 2011 List

Wow I know its been a long time, I have been busy/almost forgot my password lol.

Here are my thoughts on the Banlist of March 2011:
-Goyo Guardian - Not to bad of a ban, 2800 beater that is plus one.I hear its pretty dam good with exceeds coming out.
-Cold Wave - Great ban, now you cant drop a cold wave and otk or plus 3 with hyunlei/Debris Dragon.
-Mass Driver - Kind of random, but good to stop any otks from rising again.

-Blackwing, Kalut the moonshadow - On one part it was kind of harsh on BW and on another, Kalut is one of the most annoying things to go through when vsing bw.
 -Dandylion - Plants werent that broken of a deck in my opinion to get Dandy down to one.
-Honest - Wow same place as kalut now, those discard to boost monster effects are taking a hit. Prolly has to do with ocg Fairy Deck.
-Book Of Moon- Fairly Controversial, but I think it was a good idea. It is pretty hard to get over your opponent when they summon like 2-3 synchros and end with like book and bottomless facedown. Book also does alot for being one card, its just so versatile.
-Gateway of The Six - Six Sams where to good with this at three so yeaa....

-Archlord Kristya - Ocg Fairies, but I'd run two anyways to begin with.
 -Card Trooper - Alright a two, not three tho Machine Dupe anyone?
- Debris Dragon - I would have said this to one and Dandy can stay at two but it is also ok this way.  No cold wave means no debris for plus three.
 -Spirit Reaper: I think this is a little to good to be at two. Stalls and reaps cards, also baits out Solemn warning quickly.
-Megamorph - Sure
 -Overload Fusion - May be splashed n machine decks for random otk, but  seems rather limted now and slow b/c of future fusion at one.
 -Royal Tribute - To one would been better, a themed crush card pretty much.
 Icarus attack -  I believe Kalut at one was enough for BW.
 -Solemn Warning - Pre Sams people only ran two anyways. It doesnt seem to do much anyways.

-Chaos Sorcerer - Two seemed liek the perfect number for this card. Three may make it a bit to overpowered.
-Snipe Hunter - ok
-Demise, King of Armageddon - sure
-Dewloren, Tiger of the Ice Barrier - No more otk so alright.
-Gold Sarcophagus - Three is to much in a deck anyways. Also Necroface is at one so no more otk.
-Skill Drain - Shuts down to much to be at three, but not game breaking.
- Ultimate offering- Gadgets get a boost and this card may be a bit to good when exceeds come out.

Overall: The Banlist was great in balancing alot of the top decks. For the March' 11 format I expect the top decks to be :
X-sabers - still a good deck because it swarms, reaps hand, and synchros alot.
Six Samurai - Still fast, has three pot of greeds, one gateway, a strong synchro, and an e-call.

Outside of those two it's hard to tell how good other decks will be. We need some results and new decklists to help us see what is good. The gap between tier one and two doesn't seem so great anymore.

Till next time !

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