Monday, May 31, 2010

yugioh deck-Geartown Machina

I tried this build today and it worked rather well:

2 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon

2 Machina Peacekeeper

3 Machina Fortress

1 Machina Force

3 Machina Gearframe

3 Cyber Valley

2 Thunder King Rai-oh

2 Breaker The magical Warrior

1 Giant Turnade

1 Heavy Storm


3 Geartown

1 Limiter Remover

3 Smashing Ground

1 Lightning Vortex

2 Bottomless Traphole

1 Malevolent Catastrophe

3 Dimensional Prison

1 Solemn Judment

2 Dust Tornado

2 Starlight Road

1 Magical Hats

Beatstick your opponent like crazy is whats this deck does best. Gadjiltron works well with fortress as discard fodder. Valleys helps you draw into your cards for certain combos. Rai-oh is there to helps vs the meta decks and stop synchros from running you over.

Magic cards a pretty basic, there alot of monster removal to take down you opponents LP quickly. Geartown is there for Ancnient Gear Gadjiltron.

Traps- nothing different in particular, but there are some techs like dust tornado for the meta decks and Malevolent Catastrophe to help set off geartown.



Thursday, May 27, 2010

To the Top: Perfect Herald

I have watched a Perfect Herald deck duel three times and I got to say, I am impressed. The deck can gain control quicker and longer than a Light and Darkness Dragon deck can. Tethys, Goddess of Light gets you so many fairy's. Most of the time Tethys, Goddess of Light and Perfect Heralds with a load of fairy's in hand is game. the deck has search power through Manju Of The Thousand Hands and stuff like that. Tethys, Goddess of Light is rather easy to summon with Soul of Purity and light as tribute fodder.

The deck can get its fair share of bad hands. Sometimes you can get to many of the big star monsters. Other times you may not draw into perfect herald or anything to help you search perfect herald fast enough. The last thing is that you can run out of fairy's quickly if you don't get Tethys, Goddess of Light out (thats if you opponent has that much worth negating..)

I don't know the whoel decklist for the deck but I will give some cards I remember seeing and that I would recommend.

Shining Angel: Good searcher for Manju, Arcana Force the fool, and Dimensional Alchemist.

Dimensional Alchemist: Very good in this deck since you A) Have alot of monsters and B) remove them often with soul of purity and light.

Tethys, Goddess of Light: Helps you draw alot of fairy's since most of the deck is monsters (like 30).

Herlad Of Perfection:  Negator of all and the awesome boss in this deck

Herald of Purple/orange/greenlight: Thiso ne is really up to the player, but usually people use Purple and Orange. Orange is just too good and saves you from boss monsters while purple is good in this trap heavy format.

Arcana Force the Fool: Searchable by shining angel and just a got defense wall incase you need to stall it out a little bit.

Nova Summoner: Another searcher you can use and some people do, but you don't really have to if you run Shining Angels.

Archlord Kristya: Helps you lock the opponent even more and easy to sumon in this deck becasue you fill the grave with fairy's fairly easily.

Honest: Protect your fairy's

Now Magics:

Pot of Avrice: Good draw power and get fairys back to deck. Good to lower count for Archlord Kristya.


Royal Decree: Makes the lock alot easier since all you will be negating is monster effects and spells.

I am sure there is more in the deck such as staples (solemn, storm ect..) but here are just some of the tech's used in the deck.

Hope you enjoyed this and laters all..

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Machina Gadgets

So here is my build:

2 Yellow Gadget

2 Red Gadget

2 Green Gadget

3 Machina Gearframe

1 Machina Peacemaker

1 Machina Force

2 Machina Fortress

1 Neo-spacian Grand-mole

1 DoomCaliberKnight

3 Book Of Moon

3 Smashing Ground

2 Fissure

1 Heavy Storm


1 Limter Removal

1 Nobleman Of Crossout

2 Starlight Road

1 Royal Oppression 

2 Bottomless Traphole

1 Traphole

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Mirror Force

3 Dimensional Prison

1 Solemn Judgment

2 Dust Tornado

Side Deck:

2 Thunder King Rai-oh

1 DoomCaliber Knight

1 D.D. Warrior Lady

1 D.D. Assailant

1 Spirit Reaper

3 Dimensional Fissure

1 Nobleman of Crossout

1 Royal Opression

2 Light-Improsoning Mirror

1 Mind Crush

1 Crevice Into the Different Dimension

Working well so far, the main deck can easily wreck alot of the top decks. I can easily take control of the field with one of one cards and then push for game with gadgets and machinas. I side into a stun gadgets version to play a bit mind games with the opponent. They  won't expect that and I will side in what ever is appropriate in that match up. 

For top decks, side would go something like this:

Frogs: Dimensional fissure,Royal Opression,Crevice, Stun Monsters

Infernity: Similar as above, plus Mind Crush

X-sabers: Dimensional fissure with Stun Monsters, Royal Opression, Nobleman of Crossout, Mind Crush


Monday, May 24, 2010

This format march 2010

Some thoughts about the format..

We Have:

1) Infernity OTK
2) Frog FTK
3) Gottoms Loop

Slowly those three decks will dominate more and rise in popularity.

What I would suggest on banlist
RoninToadin- Pretty busted for a few reasons. One is that you can FTK using it. Two is you can run through half your deck with this card and Substitoad.

Rescue Cat- Thanks to Darksoul.. but it could have been argued as bannable pre-darksoul.

X-saber-Faultroll - this one enables the gottoms loop but besides that it is way to easy to bring out now.

Infernity Launcher- OTK enabler..make like 3-4 synchros in one turn is just wow.

just some ideas..

Friday, May 21, 2010

New techs for the LS deck and other things

Royal Decree seems to be rather fine when mained so far. Debating whether is should keep them or add 2 Dust instead. 

Debating on putting DAD in the deck, just CS seem good so far tho.

1 Beckoning Light works well for me, you do not need to get JD that many times as long as the rest of the deck has some power in it. Which is why this deck has 3 Celestia....

Frogs are really broken in what they do, the forbidden list will probaly limit stuff because getting ftked is no fun. Kevein had stated that they do not make cards with the intention of it going on the banlist, well I guess they do not play test often enough.

Thats all for now..

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Frog Synchro Deck

Another deck to post up here:

3 Swap Frogs

3 Dupe Frogs

3 Fishborg Blaster

2 Beelze Frogs

3 Des Frog

1 Ronintoadin

3 Substitoad

1 Treeborn Frog

3 Hand Destruction

3 Murray Of Greed

3 Upstart Goblin

1 Foolish Burial

2 Pot of Arvice

3 Salvage

1 Card Destruction

1 Giant Turnade

1 Heavy Storm

The monsters are pretty basic for frogs. Ronintoadin is run in one because you only need one to set the combo off.  Fish Borg Blaster is your tuner

Spells are there to speed up the process of geting your synchro spam. 

Extra deck is typical stuff, you need every level synchro since this deck can make any level.

Side deck can be anti-backrow stuff because that is what can mainly stop you. As well as the extra Ronintoadin's for the D.D. crow you will be facing.

To explain the combo : You use Swap Frog to dump Ronintoadin or any other frogs in Ronintoadin is in the grave already. You have at least one frog and ronintoading in grave, now you need substitoad and fishborg ready. Fishborg is the tricky one to get in grave, you can't dump it with Swap Frog because it dumps only aqua types, and Fish Borg Blaster is a fish. Usually you get it in grave by Hand-D, Swap Frog's effect to discard a card to special summon itself or foolish.

Then you summon Substitoad and start summoning Ronintoadin by removing from play frogs. You first bring out the other swap frogs to dump more frogs to the grave, since Swap Frogs can dump a frog if they are normal summoned or special summoned.

Keep the ones you want to synchro with in the deck. Then you bounce swap frogs to your hand. You can then normal summon again, another frog, because that is swap frog effect for being bounced to the hand. While this summoning is once per turn, bouncing Swap Frog is not because it is a cost. 

After doing the Swap Frog combo you should end up with like 2 swap frogs in hand and like treeborn and any other frogs you won't synchro with in grave. Now you summon Ronintoadin by removing from play a frog.

Tribute Ronintoadin with Substitoad and summon a frog (one you wan't to synchro with). Usually go for mist worm first becasue later on you may not have space to make it. This is down by first getting out Des Frog. Then you can discard a Swap Frog to summon the tuner, Fishborg Blaster. You can remove from play the Swap Frog you just discarded or any other frog in grave to summon ronintoadin from the grave. Tribute it with substitoad to summon Beelze Frog, the 3 star one. 5 (Des Frog) + 3 ( Beelze Frog) + Fishborg Blaster (1 star tuner)= Mist Wurm.

From there you can make more synchros as long as you have frogs in your deck to synchro with some in your grave, for Ronintoadin and cards to discard in your hand for Fishborg Blaster.

Out for now..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Lightsworns 2010

New build goes like this:

2 Lyla
1 Ryko
3 Wulf
2 Aurkus
1 Ehren
1 Jain
1 Garoth
3 Celestia
1 Lumina
2 Judgment Dragon
2 Honest
2 D.D.Crow
1 Plague
1 Tragoedia
1 Gorz
1 Chaos Sorcerer

1 Charge of the light brigade
3 Solar Recharge
1 Cold Wave
1 Heavy
1 Gold Sarc
1 My Body As a Shield
1 Brain Control

2 Dust Tornado
1 Beckoning Light
1 Royal Oppression

So I have some new tech's to deal with the meta right now. 2 D.D. Crow to help beat infernity plus it gives me a dark monster for CS. No DAD becuase there is not enough darks in the deck. D.D. crow can stop so many things besides infernity like pot of arvice or another lumina.

Dust Tornado helps against infernity launcher and stop the otk of infernity. Also a good overall card against anytihng so it's not gonna be useless in other match ups.

Royal Opression is there for similar reasons, it jsut stop any synchro spam or X-sabers who can be quite synchro happy themselves. Royal Opression just says no to so many decks and while it may stop this deck's special summoning cards like Judgment Dragon, you try to play it right.

Most of the cards teched in where made to help increase your chance of winning against the new decks that are topping alot, while at the same time being live cards against other decks.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yugioh Championship VA

So far I hear Infernity and Sabers are doing quite well. So are Gadgets, LS variants, Cat Synchro and some other decks. Overall the format still seems like it can be diverse by the top decks within the middle rounds. Hopefully the rest of the Championship will stay that way.

No quickdraw is weird but I am sure someone will squeeze one out. BTW intresting ruling I found is that LADD can special summon a monster from grave even thought it is solemned. Yeaa so LADD kinda gets past solemn lol.

Other than that between the two new ones x-sabers and infernity, Infernity has the better chance. At first I thought x-sabers had a chance but after playing both today, Infernity might have the chance.

Fairy deck was intresting, the herald of perfection and kristya one. From what I heard the person easily was dropping Kristya and Herald quickly which is GG for most decks. It played some Mokey Mokey cards, which I have never heard off.

More to come soon..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Underated Cards

What are some cards that duelists seem to overlook?

Scrap Iron Scare crow I was looking at the Onlytheduel's blog and found a deck using scrap Iron scarecrow. While it may not be a plus one gaining card or have any broken combos with it, it can slow down you oppoenent and protect you monsters. This very controlling aspect is perfect for stun builds and any other anti-meta builds.

Shrink  i know Honest does a better job but shrink is more splashable and makes Stardust easy to take down. it does have on main difference over honest, that is that you can get past a bottomless traphole by shrinking your own monster or avoid any other similar cards like smashing ground.

Magic Drain while it may not immediatly stop something, it can force your oppoenent to go minus just to play a spell card. Works well in decks liek gadgets since they always try to keep ahead in card advantage. Great in counter Fairy's too.

Breaker the Magical Warrior I have seen players go as far as main decking it and it has worked. With Infernity and their large amount of backrow, this card can prove to be very useful. You can also combo this with cards such as geartown for a free 3000 beatstick, which is nothing new but just more reasons to see use in Breaker the Magical Warrior.

Lightsworn Barrier some regional topping decks actually used this card. it is kind of like scrap iron scarecrow in terms of purpose, but has milling added to it. Best in pure Lightsworn decks where most of the time you will have lightsworns on the field. This card will let those lightsworns stick around longer and increase your milling,which is great for lightsworns.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently i read Jae Kims blog on X-sabers and I ithnk there are many valid pointsi n terms of how broken dark soul is. Boggart is too as its a stronger maurading captain makin Faultroll easier. Dark Souls ruling came out to be that it can activate multipel times at the end phase. So rescue cat can become a pot of greed basicall or a hyunlei with a search involved ( Darksoul+ airbellum into Hyunlei for a possible plus 3). I mean like what where they thinking.

Apparently cards are banned/limited because of future sets, so whats the reason behind rescue cant Twart? Now I do not think they are the second comming of tele-dad like others seem to believe, but x-sabers do have a couple of cheap cards that continue a trend of overpowered card design.

Srry but infernities will fail at this jump. They are very much expected to show so thats one thing against them. They really are incosistent, after watchign them being played soem games you jsut set cards and don't draw a launcher and just lose. Decks liek X-sabers, Lightsworns, Machina Gadgets/Gadgets, Dandywarrior have some sort of consistency whether it be via searchers or jsut cards in the deck that dont count on one card to the all the work. Look at it this way besides JD ls still have Celestia/Honest/Chaos Sorcerer while infernity seem to be all about launcher. Dont get me wrong when launcher does go off tho it very much broken. Kind of liek starlight road.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Decks I think May do well in the future

Synchro Cat With More beast's in it.  Getting one more beast tuner (The Fabled Cerebal) you have keymouse and other new stuff for beasts in Duelist revolution. 

Magical Merchant turbo was a deck that intrigues me. I wanna see if i can get a deck that is like an all grave toolbox using some of the lightsworn cards and 3 x Magical Merchant. 

Counter Fairy's is another one, Divine warning gives them quite a boost. They can run so many control cards no it's not even funny. 

I will try to keep up with posts.. I would like to note that I have a busy week for your info 

Till Next time

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Stuff

I remember in the beggining of the format people where trying magical Merchant in lightsworns. It just occured to me that it is a bug and that it could let you splash doom dozer. Could be worth a try since doom dozer runs over alot of monsters.

Morphing jar can be so annoying when used right. I have observed pretty good hands go to meh b/c of it. It's a lol card to use and works great in some decks.

Cactus bouncer with black garden was rather annoying. Plus counter fairy's and pollinosis where played in the deck. Very intresting deck and it worked quite well.

Thats all for now..

Saturday, May 8, 2010

So far in this meta

So yea I have been busy l8tly havent had much time to update but yea here it goes:

Gadgets: Still own they will be good all format. Pretty Consistant and gain easy pluses. I have seen these builds main nobleman now because hamster can be annoying to get over.  i think DoomCali would be mroe effective since it can get other things too.

Lightsworn: Still Dominates, I am sure at VA you will see some builds there. Iyt pretty intresting b/c alot of the new builds arent too typical so there could be alot more variants popping around. I was wonderign If any one would try liek a Kristyaswornbuild with Soul of purity and Light and maybe dimsional Alchemist. What bout marshmellon? 

GB's: Kinda got hit a lil with the new card, corridor of suffering. GB players will have to prepare for this with dust and twisters.

Cat: Also still good. Calicat may be alot more favorable now b/c doomcali can rlly be effective vs infernity.

Quickdraw/Dandywarrior: only got better with new cards in the shining darkness. I expect them to still top.

X-sabers: I potentially see them topping. Boggart night and darksoul are pretty insane and as you know alot of the meta decks have like a few power cards and these are some of the xsabers'.

Infernity: While inconsistent form what I have seen they def can synchro alot and are hard to come back form when they do get thier combo off. Like some games it seems like you just set cards and let your opponenet beat you then you jsut get Launcher or mirage and proceed to win form there.

Frogs: They have potential, Ronintoadin is pretty dam good. The synchro version is very fast (but can be stopped easy) and I am sure there will be other variants to be tried out. My synchro frogs otked like 70 percent of the time. Thats pretty good considering how slow the format is supposed to be.

Those are decks I see that have potential to top 8 at the next jump. Till next time..

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So I heard frogs are pretty busted now..

I tried the deck with the new cards and dam it synchros. It rivals the synchro capabilities of infernity. Ronintoadin or w/e its called is soo broken. 

Often by turn 2 (at latest 3) I can make stardust goyo and sum other synchro. I'll say more later about it when it comes to testing it tommorrow.

Infernities are somewhat overhyped. I think they can do good stuff, but like they can still lose some games. It is not like DAD return or anything like that.  I am sure they will get a little better when ppl test their builds out and improve it.

I wonder how xx-saber Darksoul will work out. Does it miss timing if more than 1 activates a turn? If it doesnt that thing is pretty busted if you ask me. Come september I am pretty sure rescue cat will get banned but then again JD shoulda went to one and that never happened.

Some ppl at my local reconized the goodness of spore. It is a great tech in Quickdraw plants/Dandywarrior.  

Thats all for now..

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Top ten trap cards (not on banlist)

1) Trap Dushoot Also known for winning games, can turn any ones strategies around and also give the you the edge by knowing what they'll have.

2) Torrential Tribute Sometihng that can turn the game around and also a way of keeping field swarming in check.

3) Solemn Judgemnet Played in so many decks and negates so many cards. Fastest spell speed and can save you the duel. 

4) Mirror force similar to torrential but not as chainable.

5) Bottomless Traphole Good overall card. Can get special summons so it makes it better than traphole.

6) Iccarus Attack chain it right and you get a plus one.

7) Royal Oppression Stops special summons which means game to alot of decks or at least can give the match in one duelers favor.

8) Dimensional Prison is becoming increasingly popular. It is better than Sakuretsu armor because it removes the monster from play, taking out any grave options the monster may have given. 

9) Beckoning Light In lightsworns it makes any meh hand into a broken hand.

10) Royal Decree Good side deck card for some decks and can negate all of these top 10 trap cards (except solemn depending on the situations).

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Top 10 Spell cards of all time (not on banlist)

I thought I would do another part to this. So here we go..

1)Brain Control Alot of people think it should get banned and I can see why. People end games with just this one card. The tides have turned so much from just one card. Brain control DAD u mad?

2) Heavy Storm I believe Heavy storm is a good thing. It would be really annoying to have decks set like 5 cards without any possibility of heavy. Starlight road kinda does this (which was a dumb card to begin with) but yea heavy is a plus one if used right and helps you do your thing.

3) Mind Control similar to brain but to a lesser extent, since you are limited to what you can do with the card.

4) Charge of the Light Brigade easily splashed and one of the most powerful cards in lightsworn. Searches and mills?!? Very good 

5) Foolish Burial has many uses and is very flexable. You could send a wulf, Mezuki,necro, or a 4th LS for JD.

6)  Smashing Ground best one for one card spell period.

7) Cold Wave In certain decks like Cat and LS it can prove to be game winning since you can jsut otk your opponenet without having to get torrential tribute on you and so on.

8) Gold Sarcophagus Searches out boss monsters or spells liek charge of the light brigade and makes a hand it a god hand possible.

9) Pot of Arvice more popular now for some reason. A plus one that lets you recycle cards is great. 

10) My Body As A Shield increasingly more popular this format, this card can allow you to over extend if necassary. Helps push for game and lets you swarm, something alot of decks now do.

Trap cards next?