Thursday, April 29, 2010

Top 10 monster cards of all time (not on banlist tho)

i thought this would be somtihng fun to talk about so here we go:

1)  Dark Armned Dragon took a whole format for itself. DAD return and tele-dad could easily bring this card out a reck you. If you play a dark deck you play dark armned dragon. Today it stands as one of the msot powerful card ever and still is till this day.

2)Judgment Dragon like dark armned dragon this card was a boss monster and get this.. it is still at 2! JD is jsut so easy to summon and has the advantage of not being a dead card late game unliek DAD.

3) Rescue Cat with x-sabers and thier new support this card just get's more broke. The way it works along with monk is even more broke. You know a card is powerful when the name of the deck starts with a card that is limited to one.

4) Destiny hero malicious this card was a key card in tele-dad decks since it allowed to bring out level 8 synchros with easiness. Withh d-draw and stratos this card was broken and would give you quite the advantage.

5) plaguespreader zombie this card is one card that makes zombies what it is.. you recycle this card like crazy. With mezuki and all of the other zombies you got yourself a synchro fest.

6) Gorz the emissary of Darkness single handily can beat you opponent. you get a free 2700 beat stick with a token!

7) Stardust Dragon while it doesn't come out a much as the days of tele-dad stardust can be quite pain to get of a field. 

8) Brionic this card would otk you with zombies. Also could be a good out to stardust dragon. Somtimes it could let you push for that last bit of damage you have to put in.

9) Gladiator Beast Gyzarus- pop 2 tag out for more pluses? 

10) Light and Darkness Dragon this card is quite the beast. While lightsworns may beat it pretty easy against other decks it can wreck you. You have to use up cards just to lower it's attack.  The dandy and drill warrior combo makes this card easy to summon.

hmm alot of these cards are old cards but we know they are powerful since they are still used today.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yugioh deck: infernities

So this archetype is comming out this saturday for the first time. i have seen the deck in action once at my locals an I gotta say it can do quite the otk. You at one point seem to be losing b/c you have no hand and in yugioh hand advantage can be a sign of how ahead you are of your opponent. However this infernity dueler (who wa vsing cat) just came outta now where with like 3 synchros and had 2 barriers (searched one with Archfiend) and it was like wow.

Now another side to this is that in one of the other games they played they Cat player disrupted the play via dusttornado I belive and it pretty much took it down. It seems that stopping the synchro spam just makes the deck auto- lose for the most part. Another thing I hear is that the deck isn't that consistent. I can see why.. if you get stopped, then buidling up the combo again will be hard with all your resources used up.

Trishula does make a difference since it is a broken synchro the generates alot of advantage in an infernity deck. You can easily make 3 and strip your oppoenent of at least 2 cards.

We will see more as the cards get released this saturday.

May price guesses for the exclusives:

XX-Saber Darksoul-80 USD

Koa'ki Meiru Prototype - 5 USD (lol rare but good for its deck)

Snyffus- 15 USD

Infernity Barrier (Secret Rare)-90 USD

This is at least on sneak peak day could change with time.. 

Currently Drill Warrior is 35 on ebay like wth.. i means its good but not THAT good. I guess hype for a card that is in a deck that topped a jump is great right now..

Thats all for now

Monday, April 26, 2010

Yugioh Meta analysis post Shonen Jump..

Seeing how x-saber didn't top I can see X-saber Emmersblade go down in price. 

Why can't X-sabers top?

Well one thing I hear is that it has consistency issues. Alot of the cards need to be in certain numbers (like Fautroll Needs 2 monsters on field).

X-sabers don't really have an engine. You don't see x-sabers being splashed in any decks. You could put the LS engine in x-sabers but you can put it in other decks that do a better job with it. Their boss monster is good but not comparable to other boss monsters like JD or DAD. Overall x-sabers where overhyped to me but come Shinning darkness I can see them as more playable.

Edit: Wow x-sabers just got way better. X-saber Darksoul: If this card you control is sent to the Graveyard, during the End Phase, you can add 1 "X-Saber" Monster from your Deck to your Hand. 100/100 lvl 3 BEAST type.. Seems to improve x-saber consistency.  

Congrats to Jeff Jones, won the 1st Dark End and now the last. So dandywarrior won.. that deck can go so plus with the right plays. I gotta say night assailant is good tech in this deck. Drill warrior and this card make an amazing combo. You use night assailants effect bring back 2 flip effect monsters??

For those of you who don't know what Night assailant does: FLIP: Select 1 monster on your opponent's side of the field and destroy it. When this card is sent directly from your hand to the Graveyard, return 1 Flip Effect Monster from your Graveyard to your hand.

So far star cards of this format (ones that weren't really last format): LADD, Dandylion, Super Nimble Mega Hamster, Ryko, Drill Warrior, Doomcaliber Knight, Night Assailant, Card Trooper and thats all for now.

Comming Soon Infernities....

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Shonen Jump New Jersey Update

This Shonen Jump was full like 2,100ish people. 

Looks Like the Finals is Jeff Jones vs. Renaldo Lainez  in a match up of Doomcal Gadgets vs Quick Draw. 

DoomCaliber Knight's price will see a nice rise in prize.. as if it was already easy to get. Gadgets definatly had to get to the top tables. With smashing at three and all the new tech's in them it was bound to happen. Honestly tho it went way further than I expected.

Quickdraw was insanly popular today with 3 of them in the top 8 I believe. Drill warrior is pretty broke. Also helps how not everyone knows the rulings for it. There was a feature match where someone pointed  a play someone could have done against Drill warrior but the player didn't do it. Not taking anything away from the card just saying.

Over all the top tabels where pretty mixed. You had a little bit of gadgets, Lightsworns, QD,Cat, and Glads. Yaa for a diverese format!

I gotta say I wonder what that dandyLS build is like. It didnt get as far but I heard it did good today. I was wondering when someone would do sometihng like that as LS + Dandy makes pretty good combos.

I hope everyone who went there had fun.

Friday, April 23, 2010

yugioh cards staples?!?

What cards where must haves last format?

Beckoning Light- it seems that alot of lightsworn players have abandoned this card. I can see go reasons for it, the lightsworn deck does not mill as fast and beckoning can be a dead cards sometimes. 

Cards that are currently replacing beckoning light are pot of arvice and Monster Reincarantion. Pot of Arvice is a plus and gets your stuff back, while reincarnation is faster that beckoning.

Gorz the emmissary of darkness- As I may have mentioned before (idr if i did) gorz is seeing less play because otk's are less possible this format. Still a great card tho..

Call of Haunted- has been out for a while. I think it really depends on the deck, but most decks find it to slow for use. Cat tends to be using it the most becuase re-using cat often is just broken.

Cards that are now used more

Sangan- Slower format makes sangan more viable and helps search now limited cards like Lumina or the semi-limited honest.

Solemn Judgement- Lightsworns use it now so that means pretty much every deck is using it now.

Card Trooper- at least in lightsworns it is.. milling 3 while boosting to 1900 is very good.

Neo Spacian Grand-mole- Gadgets have a tough time getting over Hamster, which right now is a very popular card.  Grand Mole says nooo by sending it back to your opponents hand. Also good out to stardust and other synchros. Alot of the recent topping builds I have seen for gadgets main this card.

Thats all for now.. expect some analysis on Sunday when we know what tops the jump.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yugioh Card: Cyber Dragon

Cyber dragon is too Good

Stats: 2100/1600 stats that are not tributed for is not bad. Cyber Dragon defines this attack line just how gorz defines the 2700 attack line.

Effect: Simple, you jsut get to special summon it when your opponent has a monster on their field.

What makes cyber dragon so special?

It is  a versatile yugioh card that can fit into many decks. You can see it in Synchro Cat,Gemni anti-meta, Gadgets, Dark Synchro, and I have seen Lightsworns tech one in too. Sometimes Cyber Dragon is your beatstick that helps you get over stuff you would have trouble getting over. Sometimes Cyber dragon is you way to bait bottomless. Like if you opponent has bottomless almost all the time cyber dragon will be the one to get bottomless. Cyber dragon gives you good plays with synchro decks. Cyber dragon make synchroing very easy and getting stardust or collossal is simple just summon Cyber dragon and a level 3 tuner. 

This format Cyber dragon is excellent. Gets over Hamster, gets over most cards that are normal summoned in general. In fact Cyber dragon was good last format too. It's just that in this new format it's good that te Cyber dragon can put quick pressure and is very effective and so are all the different possibilty's that it can do. Oh did i metion Chimertech Fortress dragon?

Card is like 4.2/5

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yugioh Shonen Jump New Jersey

Shonen jump New Jersey is our first jump for yugioh comming up this format and our last tourney to be called shonen jump. The new name is Yugioh Premier Event.. I kinda liked Shonen Jump better since premier event seems kinda generic and Shonen jump has been the name for so long..

Theres a few things I will adress and here they are:

What this jump means:

Over the past few weeks the meta has been  defined by regionals. While regionals are a good indicator of the meta, I beleive jump will give us a clearer view, since getting into these top tables is tough and a matter of what deck you play and how good you are. This year I predict alot of decks in the top tables more or less similar to what what decks topped regionals.

Last format first place was usually taken by Lightsworn or Twilight at pretty much any Jump. This format I can see that kind of consitency decreasing since there is definatly more balance in deck power this format. What you see in 1st-3rd place this jump may be different from the next one (which is gonna be a premier event).

What I see people doing/Advice:

Playtesting: It is key to play test your deck vs various decks. If you usally play certain group of freinds or local consider expanding by going somewhere else that may have more players and play test against any deck you would expect to see at the Jump, even the rouge ones. Rougue decks are usally decks you wouldn't see often but do have the capacity to top.

Just a brief on my tips:

1) Learn to read plays. Familarize yourself what what cards a deck plays (with the decks you expect to see). Check you opponents grave to know what they have used up.

2) How Many?:Consider how many of a certain card are run in a deck. Your opponents will not always have oppression or torrential. If you feel that you have game very early, go for it. Doesn't mean to go all out but just to try to get really ahead of your opponent. Getting this advantage early on can mean game already even if lifepoints are not at 0.

3) Don't get reckless: Preserve all your cards and consider what kind of exchanges you are making. Plus doesn't have to be made by playing cards, simply attacking can be a way to gain advantage. Consider this scenario: Mid game your opponent is constantly setting monsters that can't get over your Collosal Fighter. Don't summon anything because that facedown spell or trap can be torrential or anything that can get them back on track.Don't do moves that make you go minus unless you really need to. I have seen duelers Vortex 1 monster when lifepoints where pretty high.

4) Side deck: You should know what you are gonna side deck, but what will your opponent side deck. Be prepared for that too.

Setting up binders: Seriously expect to see many Monster binders when you get there. Really get what you want to get rid of in you binder. Save up on cards for the jump, don't trade/sell them at your locals. It's easier to get more at a jump because of the amount of players and the possibilty of someone really needing that card. Sell/trade before the jump, that's when people will most look for stuff that they need.

I honestly do not know if I am going, but I know some people from my locals will. This jump will have alot of big names in the yugioh community for its popularity and prize support that has been built up. I am sure you will see players like Jerry Wang (who comes to my locals from time to time), Jarel Winston, Mkhol (that gadget player). Don't let them intimidate you, anyone can be beatable at yugioh. 

The Jump experience is one where you always win, you will at least come out a better player.

Relax too, this is supposed to be fun.

For those of you going enjoy and goodluck!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Yugioh card that is seeing alot more play..


Stats are ok, powering up to 1800 allows it to run over alot of things.

It's effect allow alot of decks to have a somewhat remove from play toolbox. You can retrive so many cards back. If you boosted Alchemist and destroyed a monster by battle, then when they destroy alchemist you go plus one (assuming you have a monster RFP).

I have seen so far 2 regional topping decks using this card. One was fairy deck. It wasn't used because this was a fairy, but because it used DD warriors, soul of purity and life, and Freed the brave. Alchemist gets back whatever you removed from play.

Another deck it was seen in is zombies. Helps get back plague or mezuki and from there you could use zombie master or other discarding cards to recycle them.

Dark Synchro Variants that use fader or cyber valley also like this card. You can retrive these two cards and allow more stall time so you can get the right cards to win.

Dimensional Alchemist is being used as tech and if you use remove from play card (not macros because Alchemist need to hit grave) you could give this card a shot. 

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gadget Stun- yugioh decks

2 D.D. Warrior DD assailant

2 Doomcalibur Knight

2 Thunder King Rai-oh

1 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole

1 Tragoedia

1 Gorz, Emissary of the Darkness

2 Green Gadget

2 Yellow Gadget

2 Red Gadget1 Cyber Dragon

1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

3 Smashing Ground

3 Fissure

1 Lightning vortex

1 Heavy Storm

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Dimensional Fissure

1 Creature Swap

3 Dimensional Prison

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

1 Torrential Tribute

1 Mirror Force

2 Royal Opression

1 Trap Dustshoot

1 Starlight Road

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Trap Hole

Side Deck:

2 Trap Holes

2 Light imprisoning Mirror

1 Dust Tornado

2 Consecrated Light

2 Nobleman of Crossout

1 Dimensional Fissure

2 Twister

1 Cyber Dragon

2 Mirror of Oaths

The Monsters: You have your gadgets for one for one gaining advantage plays. DoomCali is excellent this format. You don't have to worry about necro messing it up for you and it beats stuff like Hamster, JD, or anyother effect monsters. Grand mole is great since alot of peopel are setting these days and is also a good out to synchros or other bulky monsters in you way. Besides these 2 monsters i would consider all the other monsters typical anti-meta choices.

The Spells: lot of one for one cards,since gadgets specialize in that. Dimnsional fissure is excellent. It stops alot of the meta decks, alot of them use the grave. Creature swap is an intresting choice since not everyone uses it. It works pretty well you can often destroyer the weaker monsters and then just take the stronger one for yourself.

The Traps: Nothing really different. I would liek to comment that Dimsional prison should be run in threes because alot of cards destroyed can still eb useful in the grave. Also gets rid of Stardust who cn be a hassle sometimes.

The side deck: Takes care of alot of the top decks right now, as a side deck should.  Some anti-backrow cards if you do run into macros or skill drain.

This deck has 42 cards, something gadget builds should do to make sure you don't get a start with multiple gadgets.

Gadgets still top alot and variants like these are one of those topping decks. Overall the deck is working fine and thats all for now. Hope you enjoyed my analysis!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Is it just me

Or is Charge of the light brigade and 3 rykos seeing alot of play in decks not LS? I can see why since

1)charge provides a search and speeds decks up.

2)Ryko Is good in a slower format and is versatile since it can choose to destroy anything.

Dimensional Prison is also seeing a decent amount of play for 2 reasons.

1) It is way easier to get now.

2) Removing from play a monster dodges alot of things. It dodges my body as a shield, starlight road, and stardust dragon itself.

Gorz the emissary of Darkness seems to see a little less play with a slower format and less otks going around. I would at least side deck it..

I will see if i can get some decklists up for next time for some analysis on meta choices. pc for now..

Friday, April 16, 2010

Duelist Revolution Woah!!

I recently heard of two new cards that very much will have an impact on the Meta.

Pot of Greederosity

Look at the top 3 cards of your Deck. Select 1 of them, and add it to your hand. Then, shuffle the other revealed cards with your Deck. You can only activate 1 "Pot of Greederosity" per turn. You cannot Special Summon this turn.

Solemn/Divine Warning (name is unsure right now)

Pay 2000 Life Points. Negate the activation of a Spell Card, Trap Card, or Effect Monster's effect that Special Summons a monster or the Summon of a monster, and destroy it.

Wow Pot of greederosity is like an upstart goblin but 10 times better. You get to choose from your next 3 cards. Getting to choose what you draw is great, you can choose the cards you need to win. Any deck can run it, we already see decks that special summon run royal oppression so why not this. Pot of Greederosity is especially good in non special summoning decks since the costy part to this card does not apply to them.

Solemn,Divine warning, a card similar to solemn judgement, is gonna make counter fairys happy. Any deck can use it, just how 3 solmens where  used before. This card is like a one shot oppression that can hit normal sumons too. While the cost is a huge LP amount it shouldnt be a problem. This card has such a great affect that you shouldn't mind.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Some of the newer cards have rulings that people don't know about..

Machina Fotress:

can be negated by solemn and Thunder King Rai-oh

can discard itslef as part of it's cost, but if you do it under macros you wont get it back

when special summoned it doesn not start a chain link..

Drillw Warrior:

Discarding the card is
not a cost.

Starlight Road:

You can activate Starlight Road even if you cannot Special Summon due to the effect of Vanity’s Fiend

You Cannot Chain Starlight Road to Stratos 2nd effect because it is not a certain 2 or more card hit..

Just for you information..

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Side deck tech: Mind Crush

I recently saw a build that mained this card and topped a regional. Overall it seems like a fairly decent choice to have at least side decked. There are alot of decks that add cards to hands so this card seems liek good tech. 

Mind Crush and trap dushoot together= awesome!

Thats all for now..

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A classic Card Review: 1

Hello, today I will be reviewing a classic card. What I mean by that is a card that has been around for a while land still sees play.

Today that card is Trap Dustshoot. Alot of fellow duelers like to use this card. Why? Well this card can turn a good hand into a bad hand. Some key cards you needed for the hand may be useless without the monster you have sent back.

For example: You open up with Foolish,Monster Reincarnation, Wulf,Celestia,Jain, and Chaos Sorcerer. Your opponent Trap Dushtshoots and sends back Celestia. There goes your opportunity to try to easily summon Celestia with Foolish and now your only good move is to summon Jain.

This card can give you opponent a huge advantage by letting the player know what you have. the down side to this card is that it can be a bad top deck so you could simply side it against decks that carry alot of hand like Gadgets.

Card Rating: 3.8/5 

Let me know what you guys think, what would you rate this card?

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Shining Darkness : Hidden Gems

What are some good cards to look foward to in the next set? We all know how much the infernity cards will have impact, but what else can we find there?

XX-Saber Boggart Knight- with 1900/1000 stats and a muarading captain ability makes x-sabers swarm more than before. 

Ronintoadin-has 100/2000 stats. I am told that this card enables frogs to otk and spam trishula 5 times.

Spore- A tuner that can revive itself?? We all know how great that is just look at plaguespreader zombie. This one is less splashable but it's still good.

Keymouse- a searcher for beast with some restrictions. Searching is always good. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Formula Win

What makes a deck really good? We know that the player can greatly influnce it, but what can make the deck itself good?

1) Synergy- The cards in the deck should complimate each other.. like playing Reinforcement on the army in a non-warrior playing deck would be no synergy. You build the synergy!

2) Consistency- Another one you can build. You can test draw and check how frequently you get great hands, if you don't it means your deck needs some changes or help from the next few things listed.

3) Draw power- alot of the top decks have had some sort of draw power. Tele-dad and lightsworns are two examples of this.

4) Search power- This is the reason why stuff like RODA and Charge are at one. Searching your deck is a pretty big advantage and makes deck's faster. Search power could also be stuff liek mystic tomatoe and goblin zombie, but they are a little slower.

5)Boss monster's- Cards like DAD and JD can win games.

You can look at top decks and see they have a combination of these:

Cat-Search power(hamster searches ryko,tomatoe searches monk), Boss monsters(Cat and DAD)

BW's-Search power(BWW),Boss monster(DAD), Draw power(Allure of darkness)

LS- Search power(Charge and ROTA), Boss monsters(Kristya, JD, Celestia, DAD, Chaos Sorcerer) Draw power (Solar recharge)

Gadgets- Search power(lol the main strength of the deck is gadgets search ability)

Order a schadenfreude movie on DVD now!

Friday, April 9, 2010

March 2010 Banlist

Since my blog is quite new I didn't get a chance to talk about this and will do so now.

Chaos Sorcerer
Necro Gardna
Lightlord Summoner Luminas
Burial from a Different Dimension
Foolish Burial
Reinforcements of Light
Destiny Draw
Allure of Darkness
Mind Crush
Magical Explosion 

 Chaos Sorcerer is to good. It is easily splashable in any deck running enough darks and lights. 

Tragoedia is another good one, having to worry 24/7 that your oppents will drop gorz or tragoedia is quite annoying. 

Charge of the light brigade (reinforcements of light): This card is way to good and helped lightsworns become very fast.

Mezuki and burial: I really woulda liked Mezuki to stay at 2 and burial to one, it seemed fair enough to me. Brionic could be banned in it's own reasons, not just because it otks with zombies.

Destiny Draw: I guess konami got tired of seeing this card. Has been in the meta for a very long time, but it would have been fine at 2.

Allure of Darkness: I'm kinda mixed on this one. It's wasn't really to bad and isn't now with d-draw at 1. But with d-draw at 3 this at 2 gave some decks way to much draw power.

Nerco Gardna: Lightsworns made this card too good.

Lightlord Summoner Luminas: Could have been at 2 but then again JD is at 2....

Semi-Restriction Cards : 

Cyber Dragon
Demise, King of Armageddon
Treeborn Frog
Black Whirlwind
United We Stand
Royal Decree
Royal Oppression
Skill Drain 

Honest: Getting otked by honest was stupid, 2 is a fine number for honest.

Black Whirlwind: Yea a re-usable ROTA is just to much search power.

Cyber Dragon: Perfectly fine, it lost alot of use over time.

Royal Oppressin: Losing just because of this card was dumb.  Card is  powerful and 2 is a fine number for it.

Royal Decree and Skill Drain: I loled, why? I don't think these 2 cards where doing much.

No longer restricted :

Mask of Darkness
Smashing Ground 

Smashing Ground: Helps anti-meta decks and seems perfectly reasonable. Fissure to 3 did nothing last format.

Thats all for today if you guys got any comments on these thoughts , they are very much welcomed.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whats on your side? (besides your deck)

The side deck I have found to be one of the most important parts in deck building. You want to make game 2 and 3 (when it goes there) much easier and almost guarenteed victory. 

In my earlier post i mentioned what decks are constantly topping so for any new comers into yugioh or people who just want to get better, Listen up! 

One thing you want to make sure is how well your side deck fits your regular deck. If you are playing Lightsworns, would you really want to side d-fissure against xsabers? Sure it may hurt them but it can hurt you as much or even more.

Work your side deck smartly and you will get further in tournaments. So what tech choices are in general good for this format?

2-3 Trap Hole

1-2 Dust Torando

2 Nobleman of crossout

1 Royal oppression

D.D. crow

Trap Hole: I have found myself sidng this card alot. it just hits so much it can hit recruiters, stop searches form BWW, protect you weak monsters. Especially good in a slower format where special summoning happens less.

Dust Tornado: Alot of other side decks consist of a continous card that will screw you over. Whether its d-fissure against Lightsworns or skill drain against gadgets, you want this card to try to stop them. Other althernatives include twister and MST if you don't main it.

Nobleman of Crossout: This slower format has called for more sets to happen. Certain cards like hamster and magical Merchant are becoming more popular.

Royal Opression: Even special summon heavy decks like lightsworns side it. If royal oppression hurts you opponent more, side it. It also calls for a plan to play around it.

D.D. Crow: Alot of the Meta Decks are still graveyard based and so is one of the upcomming ones, infernities. 

Well I hope this article has given you a bit more insight on sidedecking and how much advantage you should take of it.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Deck Profile: Hamstersworn

I wanted to try lightsworns this format because I thought they would still be good. SuperNimble Mega Hamsters are really all the super. They're amazing!! They help make Celestia plays easily and make any hand decent. 

Here's My build:

3 Super Nimble Mega Hamster

3 Ryko,  lightsworn Hunter

3 Celestia,  lightsworn Angel

1 Jain lightsworn Paladin

1 Ehren,lightsworn Monk

1 Lumina, lightsworn Summoner

1 Garoth, lightsworn Warrior

2 Judgment Dragon

2 Wulf, lightsworn Beast

2 Lyla,  lightsworn Sorceress

2 Honest

1 Aurkus , light Sworn Druid

1 Plaguespreader Zombie

1 Gorz, Emissary of Darkness

2 Monster Reincarnation

1 Heavy Storm

2 Pot of Avarice

3 Solar Recharge

1 Charge of The light Brigade

2 Book of Moon

1 Brain Control

1 Gold Sarcophagus

1 Cold Wave

1 Botomless Trap Hole

1 Trap Dushoot

This build has done very well for me in testing, has taken down alot of top tier decks. It plays consistently and usally in an ideal starting hand, you would have a Hamster and Celestia.  The deck can sometimes win for me without JD and thats great, it shows how truly powerful our lovely hamster is.

The Break Down:

The Monsters: It mostly your typical Lightsworn Deck but that extra room you would have used for Dark Monsters in twilight or Fairy Monsters in Kristyasworn, are Hamsters and more rykos. I don't play to many wulfs because they often have shown up to much in my hand. Necro Gardna I just did not have space for, I try to keep all my decks at 40.

The Spells: Alot of your usual Lightsworn spells with a few different choices. You have Pot of avarice times two, this deck tends to mill pretty fast. 2 book of Moon Helps you re-use Hamster in more than one turn. Cold Wave is broken it always helps  a safe Judgment Dragon drop.

The Traps: Not much, I put Bottomless to help protect my lightsworn and trap dushoot because it's such a devastating card. Alot of times I have won the game from my first turn because this card has made my opponents good hand into a bad one.

Hope You guys enjoyed my deck profile if you have some Hamsters, give this deck a try =].

Monday, April 5, 2010

TCG Meta Game

What are the competitive decks today? Well here we have the break down of the percentages of regional winning decks: (info by Pojo forums)

Cat Synchro: -------------------- 56 / 272 ---------------- (21%)
Blackwing: ---------------------- 43 / 272 ---------------- (16%)
Lightsworn: --------------------- 36 / 272 ---------------- (13%)
Gadget: ------------------------- 30 / 272 ----------------- (11%)
Gladiator Beast: ----------------- 25 / 272 ---------------- (9%)

Monarch: ------------------------ 10 / 272 ----------------- (4%)
Flamvell: ------------------------ 7 / 272 --------------------- (3%)
Zombie --------------------------- 6 / 272 ------------------- (2%)
Gravekeeper: ------------------ 5 / 272 ----------------- (2%)
Stun: ---------------------------- 5 / 272 ------------------- (2%)
Burn: ---------------------------- 4 / 272 ---------------- (1%)
Quickdraw: --------------------- 3 / 272 ------------------ (1%)
Fairy: ----------------------------- 3 / 272 ----------------- (1%)
Absolute Zero: --------------- 3 / 272 ----------------- (1%)
X-Saber --------------------------- 3 / 272 ------------------ (1%)

Other: -------------------------- 22 / 272 ---------------- (8%)
Unknown: ------------------------ 11 / 272 ---------------- (4%)



Synchro Cat: With the format slowing down this former top tier deck comes back in the spot light after Lightsworn/Zombies taking over last format.

Blackwing: While they where falling of the top of the mountain last format this format they come in smoothly, the banlist only hurting very few cards made this possible. They are also getting support in the Shining  Darkness making them even faster.

Lightsworn: Lightsworns are still very playable. The banlist definatly did slow them down, Lumina to one and Charge to one has made this slowness. Necro to one has taken a bit of their defences away. So what makes them playable? Well Judgment dragon at 2 is one good reason. Judgment dragon can be an out to alot of things and can finish you off quickly. Solar recharge leaves Lightsworns with one of the only draw engines left in the game (Destiny Draw and Allure of Darkness where put to one). 

Gadget: With the format slowing down one less opression doesnt matter as much and smashing to three makes a decent amount of difference. With Smashing at 3 you now have the best form of one for one removal this game has to offer, unlimted.  Tragoedia took a hit and that the biggest loss gadgets took.

Gladiator Beasts: With a slower format GB's come in strong and take field control easily. What else is there to say, this deck hasn't got touched by the banlist and was already topping before.